Electronics projects from Chisinau at Odessa Mini Maker Faire

Many makers are hobbyists, enthusiasts or students, but they are also a source of innovation, creating new products and adding some value to the the community. Kyiv Maker Faire was the first Maker Faire in the post soviet territory. Odessa Mini Maker Faire is going to be the first event for South of Ukraine and Republic of Moldova.

The Big Ideas of Odessa Mini Maker Faire:

  • Development of the culture of creating, DIY, self-perception of Ukrainians and Moldavians as makers and inventors;
  • More makers – more ideas to improve life in Ukraine and Republic of Moldova;
  • New technologies promotion and entrepreneurship promotion.

Below you can read more about some projects that will represent Moldova at Odessa Mini Maker Faire:

“Fumeco2” made by Alexandru Caliman, is a special ashtray with a cigarette-smoke filter. This device is builded from cardboard, carbon filter, 3 fans, 9V battery and aluminium foil to prevent burning. The cigarette smoke is filtered in amount of 95%, and non-smokers are subjected to no health hazard.

Alexandru Caliman also developed a system for automatic positioning of the mechanical arm at the seated angle. This system has a high reliability and can be used in the study of industrial processes, and automatic adjustment can be used in the laboratory regarding the following topics: modeling and identification; items and equipment in automation; automatic engineering management; advanced numerical algorithms; optimal and adaptive systems; microprocessor systems; data transmissions.

Cojocari Ion created a robotic arm with 6 degrees of liberty, with electric drive, conducted through a system of cables and positioning sensors connected to the DC actuators placed at the base of the arm.


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